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Time For a New Employee Parking Permit

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Permit Refund Announcement

The Office of Transportation Services will offer a 25 percent refund for parking permits purchased for the Spring 20

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Parking permit refunds to be offered to those eligible

The Office of Transportation Services will offer a 25% refund for parking permits purchased for the Spring 2020 seme

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No restrictions for on-campus parking through end of spring semester

There are no restrictions for on-campus parking from now until the end of the Spring 2020 semester.

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Annual parking permits for the 2019-20 academic year for full-time faculty and staff go on sale Thursday, Aug. 1. Purchase your permit online with a debit or credit card or via payroll deduction. 
The 2018-2019 annual permits will expire August 14, 2019. Employees must have a permit to park on university property. Warnings for expired permits will be issued beginning Thursday, Aug. 15. 

Purchase your permit

Log into ULink at On the Employee tab, in the Parking and Transportation section, click the Access My Parking Account link. Select Get Permits and follow the prompts. 
Your permit is successfully purchased when you receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive confirmation, contact the Office of Transportation Services
If you are on a wait list, you should purchase the permit you had for 2018-19. Zone availability will be assessed in early September. If you are eligible to transfer your permit to another zone, you will receive an email by Sept. 30. 

Request to park in a different zone 

Transportation Services attempts to assign employees to the parking lot closest to the building in which they work. In some cases, lots may be at maximum capacity. In these cases, employees will be assigned to the closest available lot. 
Employees who wish to change their allotted permit zone may add their names to the wait list for specific zones. Log in to ULink at On the Employee tab in the Parking and Transportation section, click the Access My Parking Account link. Click on the Add/Edit Waitlists button. 
As space becomes available in a zone, Transportation Services will email those on the wait list in the order they signed up. A $10 transfer fee will be charged to an employee whenever a zone change is awarded through the wait list. 
Do not wait to purchase your permit because your name is on a wait list. 

Zone Name Change 

Zones 32, 33, and 36 have been combined into one permit area called zone PER (perimeter). Anyone with an annual permit for 2018-19 in zones 32, 33, or 36 will only see the zone PER FS option when purchasing the 2019-20 annual permit. Individuals with any zone PER permit are allowed to park in any of the three areas at any time. 


Adjunct parking options for 2019-20 include hourly parking or a semester permit in Girard Park Circle Parking garage and night permits. Hourly parking on floors one and two in GPC is $5 for the first two hours, with a two-hour minimum, and then $1 per hour thereafter. Fall 2019 semester permits for floors three through six in GPC are $325 and are a guaranteed parking location every class day. Night permits allow for parking after 3 p.m. in non-gated and non-residential lots and after 4:30 p.m. in gated areas. 

Register an additional vehicle 

Your license plate links your vehicle to your permit for campus parking. Individuals may link up to two license plates to a permit, but only one vehicle is allowed to park on campus at any time. 

Register for handicap parking 

People who need to register for handicap parking are required to purchase permits at the Office of Transportation Services. Your vehicle registration, driver's license, placard/hangtag, and mobility card are required each year to purchase handicap parking permits. 


Contact Transportation Services with questions at or (337) 482-6858.